Ohio Medicaid Regulations

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Those who can’t afford to pay for health insurance might be eligible for Medicaid, a health insurance program that provides insurance to low and middle income families. Medicaid is run by each state and because of that, things such as eligibility requirements will vary depending on the state; and Ohio’s no different.

Who does Medicaid Provide Care to in Ohio?

Medicaid will not provide insurance for everyone in Ohio. However, the following groups are eligible for Medicaid in Ohio: children; pregnant women; families where there are children under the age of 19; disabled individuals; elderly individuals (65 and older); and some women screening for cervical or breast cancer, namely those who are at high risk for either.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Ohio Medicaid?

In addition to only offering Medicaid to certain groups of individuals, Medicaid in Ohio also has certain eligibility requirements. The main requirements are: that the individual be a citizen of the United States and a resident of Ohio; that the individual has a Social Security number or is in the process of obtaining one; and there are also financial requirements that must be met.

Special Ohio Medicaid Programs

Ohio also has two special programs for pregnant women and children. These are Healthy Start, and Healthy Families. Healthy Start provides additional assistance for pregnant women, and will provide additional assistance for any child that is born until they are the age of 19. This assistance will provide coverage and screening and diagnosis for certain conditions and diseases. Healthy Families is an additional assistance for low-income families. Special financial requirements must be met for both programs, and families usually need to be below the poverty line to qualify.

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