New Mexico Medicaid Regulations

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Every state has not only a need, but also a requirement to offer medical assistance to people in that state that pay taxes. This is mandated under several federal laws which govern the use of taxes collected from citizens and the money that is established in the Medicare/Medicaid Trust Fund which was setup by the federal government. However, just because some form of coverage is necessary and mandatory of all states, they are able to decide what amount type of coverage and who is eligible for coverage in their state based on certain guidelines.

In many cases, states will restrict certain aspects and keep them as close to federal regulations as possible. Other times they will relax their regulations to allow more people to meet the requirements and be covered. New Mexico is no different than any other state and offers a wide variety of services through their Medicaid programs as well as loosening the regulations to help more people.

There are three notable relaxations in regulations that differ from federal regulations on Medicaid usage. The first is that most every woman who is need of assistance, especially during pregnancy, is able to receive the aid that they need. Pregnant women are afforded prenatal and delivery care through Medicaid and can also be used after the child is born if the income requirements (185% of the Federal Poverty Level at the strictest) are met. Also, New Mexico has allowed more seniors and Americans who are disabled or dealing with incurable illnesses (including AIDS) to qualify for Medicaid assistance with fewer income restrictions than federally mandated. Finally, New Mexico offers breast and cervical cancer screenings to women who are under 65, uninsured and make no more than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.

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